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For more than 35 years, Payroll & Human Capital Specialists, LLC has been managing the payroll needs of businesses with one to 1,000 employees, and we’re ready to help you. No matter the size of your staff, their full-time/part-time/contractor status, or pay schedule, we can handle your payroll needs. We also can help manage employees who receive tips, are commission-based, receive bonuses, or even advance payments.

Payroll & Human Capital Specialists is an expert at handling the payrolls of restaurants, franchises, service-based businesses, manufacturing entities, and nonprofits. We know the state and federal payroll laws and have the resources to manage your employees no matter what state they live or work in, even if they have reporting requirements for more than one location.

Trying to manage payroll can be a hassle…and it can also lead to substantial penalties if it’s not done correctly or on time. From processing checks and direct deposits for each employee, to the required reporting of new hires, withholding and payment of FICA, garnishments, child support, union dues and other issues, we can take care of all of the tedious work. This means you can get back to running your business.

Consider our full range of payroll and human resources services and let us take the pain out of your payroll:

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